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Whether you’ve been working to end commercial sexual exploitation for years, or are brand new to the issue, we think you’ll find the following articles very informative. Please check this page often—we’ll be updating it with new, must-read content regularly.

The Boston Herald roundtable says opioid epidemic fuels sex trade. Read Series »

Phoenix domestic-violence shelter files lawsuit against Backpage Read Article »

The Boston Herald covers the scope of sex trafficking in Boston. Read Series »

Can We Cure the Men Who Pay for Sex Read Article »

Nick Kristoff: When Peddles Schoolgirls for Sex Read Article »

San Diego Deputy District Attorney Robert Hickey has a plan to #EndDemand.Read Article »

CA bans arresting minors involved in the sex trade, except when their safety may be at risk.Read Article »

Buying sex is destroying the lives of some of Maine’s most vulnerable residents.Read Article »

Report with a section on the intersection of food insecurity and sexual exploitation.Read Report »

Five reasons to be wary of Amnesty’s prostitution policyRead Article »
To curb prostitution, punish those who buy sex rather than those who sell itRead Article »
Catching Johns: Inside the national push to arrest men who buy sexRead Article »
Nordic Model key to beating exploitation of sex workersRead Article »
The Nordic Model is not de facto criminalizationRead Article »
The dangers of rebranding prostitution as ‘sex work’Read Article »
Authorities work to outmaneuver “modern day slave trade”
Read Article »
Pennsylvania cracking down on buyers of sex
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Gangs and sex trafficking in San Diego
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