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In simple “question and answer” format, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women has issued a clarion call to end prostitution and sex trafficking by criminalizing and penalizing buyers of sex.

Adapting the original work of leading feminist activists, Janice Raymond and Barbara Kryszko have provided succinct, compelling answers to seemingly common queries regarding prostitution. Statements like, “prostitution is the oldest profession and you’ll never get rid of it,” and the debate over legalization are addressed in this report.

As the primer explains, a wave of sex trafficking and other ills always follows the legalization of prostitution. For instance, parts of Australia have experimented with decriminalization and witnessed skyrocketing illegal prostitution “because the buyers still want to purchase children, ‘exotic’ women from abroad, and sex acts that may be off limits in the legal venues.”

“It is indisputable that a prostitution market without male consumers would go broke.”

The primer also introduces some technical definitions and legal frameworks, such as the “Palermo Protocol,” along with an armory of useful facts. The term “trafficking” is a misnomer, for instance. Victims of sexual slavery are often “trafficked” without crossing any national or state boundary.

The primer also takes note of promising results coming out of Sweden, where a 1999 law decriminalized the sale of sex but rigorously enforced a ban on purchasing it. Since passage, the
number of women forced into street prostitution has fallen by 50 percent.

Learn the facts and Demand Abolition.

Download the full report

Primer on the Male Demand for Prostitution
PDF – 248k
Available from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women website
By Ilvi Joe-Cannon