10 Days. 100 Speakers. The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit

Posted by on July 9, 2020 in News

As part of their online global summit (July 18-28) the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has put together an outstanding group of experts to describe some of the most creative ways that blocking sex buyers is being carried out in our country.

Join these two important sessions within the ten-day virtual summit. In them you’ll see the why and how of practical ways to stop men whose demand fuels the multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry.

Achieving Gender Equity by Addressing Demand: Reducing the Market for Sex Buying as a Catalyst for Change, Restoration of Dignity and Cultural Transformation

Live panel and discussion on Tuesday, July 21, at 3pm

Evolving market dynamics, new technologies, insufficient implementation of laws, and outdated cultural norms allow sex buyers to drive the global sex trade with impunity. Sex buyers in the worldwide are predominantly men, while the vast majority of those they purchase are women and girls: in the US, disproportionately women and girls of color. Prostitution is premised on unequal power dynamics and deepens entrenched gender disparities. Gender equity will remain an unfulfilled aspiration as long as demand is allowed to drive the exploitation of subsets of people.

Sex Buyer Traits and Motivations: International Perspectives

Session released Friday, July 24, at 8am

Consumer level demand provides the revenue stream that creates and sustains all commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking markets. Understanding the characteristics and motivations of sex buyers is crucial for developing effective means of prevention and deterrence, apprehending active buyers, and developing programs to minimize reoffending. This panel will provide international perspectives on what drives the purchase of individuals for sexual abuse and exploitation, and identification of opportunities for primary prevention, deterrence, and reducing recidivism. Topics to be discussed by this panel include cross-cultural differences and similarities in sex buyer profiles and motivations, and their implications for effective policies, programs, and practices designed to prevent and respond to these offenses.

These sessions are available to watch anytime within 24 hours. Register for the entire summit here for access to these sessions and more: https://cese2020.heysummit.com.

See the full schedule: https://cese2020.heysummit.com/schedule/