End Demand for Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation and sex trafficking are complex problems with many causes, but the key driver are the sex buyers. Without their money, pimps and traffickers have no incentive to force vulnerable women and men, girls and boys, into the illegal sex trade. When buyers stop buying, the whole system comes to a halt.

Enforcing laws criminalizing buyers and changing social norms around the harms associated with the illegal sex industry is the fastest and most just response to the problems of prostitution and sex trafficking. It’s why communities across America are devising innovative ways to discourage men from buying sex—and holding them accountable if they do. No buyers, no business: a simple concept that’s bringing about real change.

How to Eliminate Demand

Demand-focused tactics can end commercial sexual exploitation in the US. Here’s how.


Why Prostitution Should Not be Fully Decriminalized

It’s often suggested that full decriminalization of prostitution would make the illegal sex trade safer. This is simply untrue, and there’s plenty of data to show why.


Ambassador Swanee Hunt’s Mission to Stop Sex Trafficking

Watch this CNN profile of Ambassador Hunt and her mission to end commercial sexual exploitation by reducing the demand for paid sex.