Don’t Buy It

Posted by on July 1, 2011 in News

The Super Bowl is an unparalleled American tradition that embodies the great spirit of our nation. Unfortunately, beer and t-shirts weren’t the only things for sale in Dallas on the big weekend. Based on experience from other large-scale sporting events, police were preparing for hundreds — possibly thousands — of women and children being brought in to be sold. Why? Because men demand it.

Demand Abolition worked closely with the Arlington Police Department and several anti-trafficking organizations to coordinate a full blitz on sex trafficking in Dallas. ECPAT/USA, Love146, Shared Hope International, The Rebecca Project for Human Rights, and Traffick911 launched a successful public awareness campaign, “Don’t Buy It,” trained hotel staff to spot trafficking, and assembled an action plan for protecting children from domestic minor sex trafficking.

The efforts resulted in 133 prostitution-related arrests, 8 of which were identified as human trafficking cases, 4 of which involved minors. Activists and police believe that the large public awareness efforts helped send the message to pimps and traffickers that they wouldn’t be able to hide in the shadows of Cowboys Stadium.

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Some say prostitution is a victimless crime. Don’t buy it.