Employers move to end commercial sexual exploitation in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by on September 29, 2015 in CEASE Network, News
(Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times)

(Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times)

Nearly 20 government and private sector employers in the Seattle area are taking a stand against sex-buying and sex trafficking. By joining the BEST Employers Alliance (Businesses Ending Sex Trafficking), these companies and organizations are committed to ensuring that their employees—a combined workforce of 125,000—aren’t perpetuating the illegal sex trade on company time or equipment. In the coming weeks, alliance members will block all websites where sex is sold from their company servers and update personnel policies to make it very clear that sex-buying will not be tolerated. Employers will also have access to BEST training materials, which provide instruction on tailoring these zero-tolerance policies to various workplaces and industries.

“No other jurisdiction in the country has tried this relationship with employers to change the culture,” King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg told the Seattle Times. “It’s a way for employers to say, ‘It doesn’t reflect the values of our business or our company to participate in activities that exploit other human beings.’”

For more on this exciting new program, including information on how your business can get involved with BEST, visit their website. The BEST Employers Alliance is an offshoot of King County’s Buyer Beware initiative, a member of Demand Abolition’s CEASE Network.