Epstein. Kraft. Who pays?

Posted by on October 12, 2019 in News

Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Kraft are household names because of their (alleged) sexual exploitations. It seems to me that we’re fascinated by which rich and powerful men will be implicated—Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew…. Or if Kraft’s arsenal of lawyers will get him off without him even stepping foot in a courtroom.

While the plight of sexually exploited women is finally making national headlines, the challenge for us as a society, now, is to think beyond celebrities to ordinary men who think consent can be bought.

Buyers like Epstein and Kraft say the same thing: “It wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t hurting anybody. We’re guys being guys.”

In fact, only a tiny percent of men drive most of the market of those who are bought and sold. The problem is, almost none of these men has ever been arrested. They’re going scot free while women are paying the price.

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