New NCAA policy sidesteps paid sex

Posted by on August 22, 2017 in News

This piece, by Demand Abolition’s Director of Policy and Research, Alex Trouteaud, was originally published by The Boston Globe

The NCAA has taken a useful step against sexual violence on campus by requiring coaches and athletes to complete a course each year on its prevention. But there’s a glaring omission: the new policy makes no mention of prostitution, a notorious form of sexual abuse.

The lack of straight talk by the NCAA is symptomatic of a “boys will be boys” attitude toward buying sex. This matters because campuses are often the first place where young men are exposed to prostitution.

Yet colleges usually fall far short of viewing sex-buying as a serious matter of sexual exploitation, judging from the recent public cases of Ole Miss football head coach Hugh Freeze, Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino, and Baylor football head coach Art Briles.

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