President Carter and Ambassador Hunt call for change

Posted by on May 14, 2015 in News

president_carter_gates_award2006In Atlanta this week, Demand Abolition and our chair Swanee Hunt joined former President Jimmy Carter for The World Summit: End Exploitation 2025, where representatives from nine countries gathered to address the exploitation and sexual slavery of millions of women and children worldwide.

Survivors of prostitution, prosecutors, activists, policymakers, and business leaders developed plans for generating legislative action and broad public and bipartisan support to stop sex trafficking, particularly by combating the demand for purchased sex and focusing on buyers.

President Carter and Swanee coauthored an op-ed for Politico to coincide with the summit.

“In America’s abusive sex industry, the number of women arrested is astoundingly higher than the number of men. The new approach we advocate moves away from hunting down and punishing those being exploited—the sellers—and focuses on the true perpetrators: those who profit and those who buy. By taking steps to reduce demand rather than supply, we can make this market less profitable.”

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