National Initiative to Fight Sex Trafficking Launched

Eleven pioneering cities today announced the launch of the CEASE Network (Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation), a collaboration of men and women committed to combatting sex trafficking by reducing demand for buying sex by 20 percent in two years.

2015 National Day of Johns Arrests nabs more than 600 sex buyers

As most Americans counted yards and touchdowns during Super Bowl XLIX, law enforcement officers across the country were crunching a different set of numbers: Tallying the arrest records of hundreds of sex buyers, and almost half a dozen pimps and traffickers. During the ninth National Day of Johns Arrests, a widespread crackdown on the demand […]

Football star Warren Sapp arrested for solicitation of prostitution

In the early morning hours following Super Bowl XLIX, Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp was arrested on charges of assault and solicitation of prostitution. Police reports state officers were called to investigate a noise complaint in a hotel where Sapp was staying where they encountered two women—one of whom […]

Demand Abolition co-hosts advance screening of Nick Kristof documentary A Path Appears

Demand Abolition recently hosted an advanced screening of Nick Kristof’s documentary, A Path Appears, which provides an unflinching look at domestic sex trafficking in Boston and other American cities.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day: It’s time to go after the source of exploitation

Learn why stopping sex trafficking starts with holding sex buyers accountable.

We're abolishing the illegal commercial sex industry by eradicating demand for purchased sex. Learn more »

Deconstructing Demand

Giving 14 salient reasons, Ambassador Swanee Hunt makes the case against purchasing women and girls for sexual gratification. Learn more »

Understanding Buyers

We must understand the attitudes, backgrounds, and behaviors that prevent some men but allow others to buy sex. Learn more »

Eliminating Demand

A number of successful initiatives, from "john" school to neighborhood action, are combating demand across the country. Learn more »