Sex buyers, or “johns”, drive the illegal sex trade. Without their money, pimps and traffickers have zero incentives. No buyers = no business. No more harm.

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Boston Herald: Opioid crisis fueling region’s sex trade

The Boston Herald has published a powerful and carefully researched two-part special report on how the opioid epidemic fuels the sex trafficking industry. Over two days, the paper covered its front page with images and headlines capturing the brutality of the sex trade and its direct ties to drug abuse in Boston. In her series […]

Marian Hatcher: an interview with a leader

Marian Hatcher talks about her work and receiving the presidential lifetime achievement award.


What is Demand Abolition? Demand Abolition is working to eradicate illegal commercial sex in the U.S. by combating the demand for it. Prostitution, which includes sex trafficking, degrades those being exploited (usually women and children), as well as the men who buy them. If no one was willing to buy sex—or was too afraid of […]

I Am Jane Doe, a film review

The gut-wrenching documentary, I Am Jane Doe, by producer Mary Mazzio, follows the courtroom journey of three young women shuts down. What’s Next?

Citing pressure from the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, closed the adult section of its website, which offers classified advertising. This is a victory for those of us who want to make it harder for sex buyers to exploit vulnerable people: Sex buyers will face a major disruption in the marketplace. The federal […]

Deconstructing Demand

Giving 14 salient reasons, Ambassador Swanee Hunt makes the case against purchasing women and girls for sexual gratification. Learn more »

Legalizing Doesn’t Work

Countries with legal or fully decriminalized prostitution often see increases in trafficking, pimping, and violence towards prostituted people. Learn more »

Buying Sex is Damaging

The sex trade is exploitative and violent. Here’s how to stop it. Learn more »