Sex buyers, or “johns”, drive the illegal sex trade. Without their money, pimps and traffickers have zero incentives. No buyers = no business. No more harm.

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Eleanor Gaetan: Interview with a Truth-Teller

Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan advises Demand Abolition on federal policy and regulation regarding sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. She explains the importance of policies to fight sex trafficking, and why focusing on demand is so crucial.

Tom Perez: Interview with a Cyberpatroller

Tom Perez is the founder of The EPIK (Every Man Protecting Innocent Kids) Project, an organization founded in 2012 to combat sex trafficking online. We asked him what he’s learned about buyers through his work, and the value of being part of the CEASE Network.

To fight sex trafficking, target the men who buy sex

The Washington Post published this letter to the editor by Alex Trouteaud, our director of public policy and research, on April 24.

Sadhvi Siddhali Shree: Interview with a Filmmaker

In this Q&A, Sadhvi Siddhali Shree tells us about her latest film and how she was inspired by the movement leaders working tirelessly to stop sex trafficking.

Angelyn Bayless: Interview with a disruptor

Angie Bayless trains local and national law enforcement on innovative ways to disrupt sex buying and hold buyers accountable for their role in trafficking.

Deconstructing Demand

Giving 14 salient reasons, Ambassador Swanee Hunt makes the case against purchasing women and girls for sexual gratification. Learn more »

Legalizing Doesn’t Work

Countries with legal or fully decriminalized prostitution often see increases in trafficking, pimping, and violence towards prostituted people. Learn more »

Buying Sex is Damaging

The sex trade is exploitative and violent. Here’s how to stop it. Learn more »