Sex buyers drive the illegal sex trade. Without their money, pimps and traffickers have zero incentives. No buyers = no business.

Join the fight to hold buyers accountable for the harm they cause.

Demand Abolition Proud of CEASE Network’s Successful Multisector Approach

We are motivated by an urgent need to eliminate harms caused to women and girls whose lives are jeopardized by this exploitative industry— a direct result of the demand created by sex buyers.

‘It lights up the brain like crack’: Why men buy sex

IndyStar columnist Tim Swarens spent a year investigating the commercial sex trade of children, a lucrative business where more than 1 million kids a year are abused. This is the fifth of 10 columns in the EXPLOITED series.

How to Scare a Predator

This article was originally published by The Chronicle of Social Change. Much of the advocacy and public health response to commercial sex and exploitation is focused on the victims, the majority of whom are female. But there is another way to address the issue, and that is to reduce demand by intervening with the pursuers of […]

Trafficking at Illicit Massage Parlors Hidden in Plain Sight

A new report from Polaris reveals an estimated 9,000 illicit massage businesses across the country

California Law Enforcement Empowered to Impound Sex Buyers’ Cars

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will deter sex buyers by allowing law enforcement officers to impound their cars.

Deconstructing Demand

Giving 14 salient reasons, Ambassador Swanee Hunt makes the case against purchasing women and girls for sexual gratification.

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Legalizing Doesn’t Work

Countries with legal or fully decriminalized prostitution often see increases in trafficking, pimping, and violence towards prostituted people.

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Cities Ending Exploitation

Demand Abolition’s CEASE Network is committed to stopping demand for paid sex.

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